• globally collected

    vintage and antique

    jewelry components


    For two decades I have been traveling the world

    collecting distinctive handcrafted treasures to use in my jewelry making.

    Now I am making them available to you...

  • The Story

    Once upon a time a jewelry designer compulsively collected vast treasures

    from around the globe to use in her jewelry making.

    One day she realized she had too much and it was time to let them go...

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    this is a RETIREMENT de-stash

    I have always sourced with abandon. Traveling and scouring bazaars, souks,

    flea markets and workshops around the globe.


    My studio quickly filled up with Tibetan silver, Qing Dynasty silver, Indian silver amulets,

    Moroccan hamsas and Tuareg amulets, Thai Buddhas, antique amber,

    carved jade from China, ancient coral, gorgeous turquoise, freshwater pearls..and the list goes on.


    This abundance fueled my creativity as I made and sold one-of-a-kind jewelry with these treasures.

    (Click here to see my one of a kind jewelry pieces)

    And then there comes a time when one needs to slow it down and take account.

    At the end of 2023 I decided it was time to retire.

    I realized that I have too many treasures stashed away in my studio.

    I need to pass them along, to continue their legacy and their narrative, and lighten my studio.


    If you have an interest in a large volume purchase, please reach out to me!

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